About us

The Henk Arts Foundation was founded in 1996. We are registered as a foundation with formal charity status in the Netherlands. Our foundation has two main overall goals: Supporting the community in Port Loko: the children in the St. Martin’s orphanage, the neighborhood school (about 1200 children), the people of the local community. Also we aim to increase awareness of the people in the Netherlands. The translation of these goals in to reality implies that we ensure that the children (and neighborhood) have good education, safe drinking water, food, a place to live, medical treatment. In the Netherlands we do presentations at schools and for clubs etc. Also our website contains much information including Facebook updates and YouTube videos. All our annual financial statements are published on this website (in Dutch). The money comes from people who donate on a monthly or annual basis, one time events, fundraisers, etc. All work for the foundation is done on a voluntary basis.